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1/12th Bangers

1/12th Bangers race on the same days as Saloonstocks.
Three four minute races without marshals - points awarded for positions at end of races. There is a  a maximum 10 car final. Occasionally there will be a destruction derby - as many cars as possible - no lap counting - ramp in use - any way round.

General Construction Rules

1) No car shall be constructed so as to be dangerous to persons or cause damage to competitor’s cars or to the track surface. No sharp or protruding objects are allowed on the cars.
2) Body and chassis must be securely joined at the start of race and must remain on car during the race. When initially entered at a meeting the body shell must be neatly finished and complete.
3) Steel whip aerials and rollover masts are not allowed.
4) Radio control receivers carried in the car can have either two devices connected, (normally the steering servo and the speed controller) or 3 channel (can be used for flashing lights for club level or superstars for national level).
5) No tyre additives are allowed.
6) The use of multiple speed transmissions (gearboxes) is not allowed, only 32dp pitch gears will be allowed.
7) Only one drive motor is allowed per car.
8) For drivers wishing to develop or modify cars, this should be done and tested at club level. The next stage maybe to test at National level, with the consent of the committee. Any testing at Nationals, will lead to the driver going to the last position after qualifying ie if there are 20 drivers competing, after qualifying the testing driver will be deemed to be 20th. No testing driver will pick up any points for the series or receive any trophies.

Banger Construction Rules

1) Use the Hot Rod (V12) chassis or Mini or Rebel, as supplied in the kit; alternatively one made from GRP (max 2mm thickness) may be used. Dimensions are, maximum length 270mm, width 90mm, no additional strengthening allowed.
2) Only V12, Mini, Rebel parts may be used in construction exceptions are:
a) Track rods and servo savers maybe upgraded.
b) Pinion/Spur gears to be 32 dp.
c) Ball Races may be fitted to rear axle assembly only.
d) Electronic speed controller are not permitted, any manual speedboard operated by a wiper arm can be used.
e) Tyres, only foam type may be used.
3) Cells, only 4-cell sub C rated cells.
4) Body shells
a) Body shells to be of ABS moulding. Windows must be completely removed as per the original car.
b) Example of body shells that could be used: Rolls Royce, Wolseley 6/110, Wolseley 15/50, Wolseley Hearse, MG Magnet, Austin A60, Rover P5, Granada Coupe, Jaguar, Oldsmobile, Magnum, Daimler Majestic, Ford Granada, Ford Capri. (This is not an exhaustive list).
c) Roof fins may be fitted, no further forward than the middle of the roof, no more than 2 fins allowed plastic only. Fins to no more than 1” high x 1” wide, no metal fins allowed, they must not possess any sharp edges, and must have the drivers racing number on both sides of the fin. No wings or aero-foil’s allowed.
d) Strengthening & Repairs are allowed, you may use glue sticks, tape, cable ties, joining plates may be used (metal plates not allowed) in conjunction with nuts and bolts, no screws allowed. All sharp edges must be filed, and any protrusions must be on inside of the body shell.
e) Name and Number of the driver must be clearly visible on both sides of the body shell at all times.
f) Body shell preparation should be neatly presented, no unsightly rude or offensive slogans, gestures are allowed.

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