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Saturday 16th April - Normal Track
Saturday 23rd April - Short Track
Saturday 30th April - Normal Track

Urmston Radio Car Controlled Club- Committee Meeting

Venue: Urmston Hotel,15th March, 2016


Committee Members Present: Gary Osborne, Anthony Wyper, Alan Crossland, Graham Eccles, Mark Craig ,Billy Clague and Andy Cox


Meeting Started 7.45pm

Alan opened the meeting to say we are all present for the club and help the club move forward


Agreed by all committee members that no personal details to be put in the minutes of meetings but as a formal complaint was not upheld by the committee  it was agreed that Billy Clague would contact the complainant and request a written retraction of comments and an apology to be sent to the defendant and the committee copied in .

Anthony offered to retract his decision to resign. A vote was then taken by the committee members and all in agreement for Anthony to continue as Chairman.

In light of the problems with the red shockers leaking after discussion the committee have decided to run the shocker upside down and invert it, this is to be done with immediate effect and to be checked at scrutineering before the meeting. Also an offer made by Anthony with help and advice with this and also setting them up.

The new club website is to be worked on by Craig Howard discussions are continuing and any help has been offered to Craig by Mark if any photos required to update or information.

The 1st National has been confirmed as normal the 2nd Bank Holiday in May but like 2015 the club are looking at running another, Anthony to propose the date of 30th July  to Allan Inness the sub chairman of the Stock Car Section and wait to be granted.

Also at the AGM it was proposed to run some practise nights it has been decided that from April the nearest 1st Friday to the Saturday points meeting a practise night . First one to be 8th April and to be members only and to be for Stock Car and Bangers.

A White & Yellows only C Final will also be ran on a trial basis starting on 16th April. This race is open only to White & Yellow Top drivers who don’t qualify for the A or B Final

Andy came onto points these will be sorted out as coming to end of grade and apologized that he has been waiting for a part for his PC which has now arrived, he also asked for clarification on Novice Rule and grading splits which was explained.

Andy also mentioned about the grades getting top heavy so from April any driver can drop 2 grades when regarding occurs the committee decided

Mark , Anthony and Alan to take over the running of the Urmston Car Club and to make it a read only on Social Media

Billy raised question about the future of the club and where the future is going to go. Alan replied saying currently looking at getting an extra set of keys from the church which Alan is going to request  with the Church’s committee for Anthony to sign for.
Alan also to make a list of possessions that the club own and also to discuss with the church  contact details for members of the church. Alan to update at the next committee meeting

Metal wheels to be discussed at  the next Committee Meeting

Next Committee Tuesday 5th April at the Urmston Hotel

Meeting Closed at 9.45pm

G.Osborne, Secretary

URGENT INFORMATION REGARDING STOCK CARS. After a discussion by the commitee last night it has been decided if you are running the red alloy shocker on your stockcar, it needs to be turned upside down to prevent oil spillages until further notice. This needs to be done before saturdays points meeting and will be checked at scrutineering. Look forward to seeing you all Saturday. Many thanks. Mark Urmston Raceways PRO. 🏁

Download the AGM Minutes from 2016




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